Tuba's Premium Fronto

At Tuba’s Premium Fronto, we are dedicated to nurturing a healthier lifestyle by connecting people to an all natural tobacco leaf. We make sure our leaves carry no harmful ingredients such as added flavors and eliminating the aftertaste to fully gather the natural premium leaf flavor. We hand select the leaves to ensure our consumers enjoy fresh leaves from our harvests in the US. Our leaves have a smooth and long lasting smoking effect which enables you to enjoy the flavor of your preferred element. We aim to provide our smoking connoisseurs with the best smoking experience.


How To Roll Tuba's: Step 1

Remove fronto leaf from Tuba's packaging and unwrap the leaf.

Tip: If leaf is dry upon removal, mist lightly with water. Let leaf set for 5-10 minutes in sealed packaging. 

How To Roll Tuba's: Step 2

Cut or tear leaf between the veins. Cut strip into desired size.

How To Roll Tuba’s: Step 3

Roll the fronto strip and enjoy. Be sure to let your rolled leaf sit before lighting to avoid moisture when lit. 

Storage Tip: Make sure to repackage and seal your remaing leaf after every use. Store in room temp and spray lightly with water when needed.